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Hello everyone!!🤎

Let's learn about SaaS today😍. If you did not check out IaaS and PaaS yet, I recommend you to have a look.


What is SaaS?

In SaaS, everything will be maintained by the cloud provider. SaaS allows users to connect and use cloud-based apps over the internet.

  • SaaS provides a complete solution which we buy on a pay-as-you-go basis from the provider.
  • Usually, we rent services like CRM(Customer Relationship Management), email, Microsoft Office 365 etc, and connect to these over the internet.
  • All of the underlying infrastructure, middleware, app software and app data are located in the service provider’s data center.
  • Therefore, there will be no pressure for users about app maintenance, infrastructure management as it is not managed by us.


Advantages of SaaS

  • Minimal upfront costs- SaaS allows your organisation to set-up quickly and allows you to run an app at minimal upfront cost.
  • Least amount of management is required from the user's side.
  • As data is stored in the cloud, users can access it from any internet-connected device.
  • No data is lost if the user's computer or device fails.
  • No need to worry about security. Choosing a suitable service provider which manages the hardware and software and with the appropriate service agreement, will ensure the availability and the security of the app and your data as well.


Scenarios where we can use SaaS

  • We can rent productivity apps for organisations such as email, enterprise resource planning(ERP), Customer Relationship Management(CRM) and many others, which would act as a great advantage.

Consider a real-time example. Let's talk about Netflix😍. Netflix is a SaaS company that sells software to watch licensed videos on demand. We pay on the basis of monthly or annual subscriptions where we can choose a subscription plan and pay a fixed amount and can use the resources we paid for.

I got a doubt! How Software as a Service is different from traditional software🤔? Did you get the same doubt? Okay! Let's see the differences.

SaaS Vs Traditional Software

Traditional SoftwareSoftware as a Service
Protect by using the system's antivirus and should backup regularly.Provides better security as there is no need for data backup.
Can be used only on a single system where the software is installed.Can be handled from any device.
Only a single user can use this software at a time.Multiple users can use at a time

If you find this article helpful, do let me know in the comments.😊

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Prateek Aher's photo

Office 365 is also a use case of SaaS, isn't it?

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Saas notes will help me a lot. Thanks for sharing. Keep sharing.

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Sai Laasya Vabilisetty's photo

Karthik Tradition software is something that is installed in your computer and you can access that only from your computer.

For example, any gaming software. The progress in your game or the score can be accessed from only your device right?

I hope this helps you.

Karthik's photo

Sai Laasya Vabilisetty thanks for cleared my dought with example. Once again thanks a lot.