Ask Yourself: Why do I Blog?

Ask Yourself: Why do I Blog?

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Sai Laasya Vabilisetty
·Nov 15, 2020·

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Hello everyone!💚

How this question changed my thought process?

After attending the amazing session by Michaela Greiler, I started discovering myself and my thought process in a different way. Here is a short tale of my blogging journey and the thoughts that I processed throughout.

🚶The Beginning

How did I know that I love writing?

From childhood, I used to write a lot of stories, which are developed in my mind from what I saw in cartoons. I used to write stories revolving around me, which personified me as the main character. Later, when I was in high school I started writing about my day, how did I feel, what made me happy or sad and other stuff.

With this, I understood that I express more of myself or my feelings through writing than speaking (but I'm really talkative with the one's I feel comfortable with😅). And later, when I started my journey as a programmer(present) I always wanted to give something to the community in the way I can.

There are many possible ways to do so like writing, video blogging, or posting valuable content in social media platforms, creating courses, etc. So, I decided to write as it requires the least setup.

🔨To break new ground!

I started off with writing technical articles with the knowledge I have and got good feedback in return from readers. This continued till a month with a great flow, where I took part in #2ArticlesOneWeek challenge and completed it with flying colours.🌈

After this, I took a month break from writing articles as I got busy with interviews and stuff. When I came back after everything and started writing articles again I realised that the graphs went down. I lost all my readers.😥

📂Mixed Feelings


After losing more than half of my daily readers, I didn't stop writing (present). I was in a hope that again I will get back all of them. But deep down I regretted so much as I was afraid that if this continues I may be losing interest in writing.

When these are going on in my mind, Michaela Greiler session changed the way I think. Here are a few lines from her session.

  • Quality is important not quantity.
  • Not to worry if there only 2 readers or 1000, as what matters is what you are gaining and what you are giving at the end.

This made me reframe my thoughts and took my thinking back to where it started, to write for the community.

✨Positive Introspection

Now, what writing means to me?

  • It gives me satisfaction as I love expressing myself through writing.
  • Writing to spread my knowledge as my content can at least help one person.

    As it makes a difference even if it is one!😊

  • Writing to sharpen my skills.

This is what successful blogging means to me!

❗Closing lines

I just want you to ask yourself "Why do you really blog?" because having a strong and clear reason will never stop you from learning and continuing.

Have a great day! Thanks for reading till the end.

I would love to connect with you through Twitter, LinkedIn, Github.💙

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