Things to Sort If You are New to Writing!

Things to Sort If You are New to Writing!

Hello everyone!💙

Are you thinking of writing articles and don't know where and how to start? Don't worry, you are in the right place.😉

Here are some of the things I did when I started.

🔦Selecting a platform

Select a platform with which you maybe me comfortable and convenient using.

  1. Hashnode (Highly recommended)
  3. Freecodecamp
  4. Medium
  5. Wordpress
  6. Ghost
  7. Blogger

🌸Attractive Blog Covers

Cover image and heading acts as the heart of the article. So, here are some resources I use to create.

  1. Canva
  2. BeFunky
  3. Blogcover
  4. Pixelixe Studio

📕Markdown Cheatsheet

As most of the editors of blog platforms use markdown, here is a handy cheat sheet for you.

✒️ Clean Sentences

To avoid grammar mistakes while writing and to structure your sentences in a clean way use,

  1. Grammarly
  2. Hemingway Editor

⏩Closing Tips

📌 Tag your articles with relevant hashtags which will help your article to reach out to the people who are in need of this topic.

📌Unique and relevant article heading may contribute to attracting more traffic towards your article.

📌Don't hesitate to reach out to people when in need of help.

📌Be ready to take negative comments on your article too. Reply to them in a polite way.

📌In the same way, accept suggestions of your readers too.

📌If you want to suggest some corrections in someone else's article approach them in a positive manner.

That's it you are ready to rock the blogging world.

Do let me know in the comments how this article helped you and let me know if you want me to write on a particular topic.

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